22 September 2010

Speaking of Theories

Anybody else feel like the weather forecast is a crap-shoot anymore?

Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that "10% chance of rain" means that in the past on only one day in ten under the given conditions did it rain which in turn depends on the future being like the past which in turn depends upon the CLIMATE NOT CHANGING.

Contra-indications welcome. Because although it's my theory, and I made it up, and it belongs to me, G*D DAMN IT.

08 September 2010

More People Who Get It

Click here to see the trailer from Surla Films on Vimeo. (Also check out Tape 6.)

You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to believe in conspiracies. All you have to believe is that people sometimes work together to secretly do (and/or cover up) bad things. Like in a cult, for example. Or a govercorporationment. ("I am shocked! Shocked to find out that there is bribery on this oil rig!")

My Burn Notice spec has Michael helping a guy to get out from under the blackmail that's keeping him a member of a cult called The Answer. The white-masked protesters in that story call themselves The Question. (They hold signs that read "Question the Answer." Yeah, I'm that clever.) And now my friends at Surla Films have asked me to post a trailer by a movie that is declared to be the work of someone called "Anonymous." I'd say something like "Everything is connected," but that might make me sound like a, well, you know.

P.S.: The IFC is here.