20 December 2012

THF 3.0



04 August 2012

Things Fall Apart

and people lie.

That is, they make things out to be more than they are in order to get you to do shit for free.

Which means what falls apart is the illusion.

Hello, I'm The Hollywood Farmer.  Learning for the first time what Hollywood is.

UPDATE:  Everyone lies.  And almost always when money is involved.  I wonder if anyone actually makes it as a money-maker without lying to someone somewhere.  Behind every fortune, &c.

04 June 2012


Let's get it going, Google Earth. I wanna know if my lines this year are as more-straight-than-ever as I think they are.

P.S.:  The screenplay that became a TV pilot is becoming a screenplay again.  I choose to call this progress.  
P.P.S.:  Writing a pilot for an animated series on spec.  Contract and everything.  I feel all grownup again.  (As much as a person who writes for kids can feel, anyway.)    
P.P.P.S.:  This is what became of the animation company I used to write for.  Maybe the company that gets Chaotic out of all this will realize what they've got there. 

27 March 2012


Mobile blogging.

Like all new technology, this will make everything so much better.

See?  I'm funnier already.


sorta kinda like me.  Except one appears to be an honest-to-goodness farmer, and the other appears to actually have something to do with/in Hollywood. 

Plowing time came early this year.  AgriCrap Incraperated and millions of genetically-modified-corn-fed farting cows may or may not have something to do with it. Meanwhile. as the world cooks, I'm writing another screenplay.  Someone may care someday.  On the other hand, I can't think of a better excuse for never getting around to finishing a screenplay than the end of the world.