27 November 2010


in the coop this morning??


26 November 2010


Check out FB updates and the Lickona Family Blog for the story.

23 November 2010


Exclusive bonus video from mindFLUX: Dafoe on Foreman from mindFLUX on Vimeo.

From the production company:
"MindFLUX" explores the life, work and impact of critically acclaimed experimental playwright, director, and designer Richard Foreman. After founding the Ontological-Hysteric Theater in 1968 Mr. Foreman soon became recognized as one of our most important avant-garde experimental artists. Foreman has written, directed and designed over 30 of his own plays and his international recognition include nine OBIE awards, a MacArthur Fellowship, Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters of France and the NEA’s “Distinguished Artist Fellowship for Lifetime Achievement in Theatre”. The film features interviews with numerous Hollywood notables who have worked with Foreman, among which are Willem Dafoe, Yoko Ono, and Lou Reed.

"MindFLUX"'s inspirational themes are driven through Foreman's own journey and the lens of prominent colleagues and cultural warriors interviewed exclusively by Ride5 in New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris. New footage is supplemented by previously unreleased material Mr. Foreman generously provided. The film’s story is shown using Ride5’s innovative visual style--fast paced cuts, animation, high-end motion graphics and integrated media techniques."

Contact sales@ride5mediagroup to set up a screening!!

22 November 2010


is in Hollywood.

Actually he's closer to the PCH right now.

He's working on a very cool project out here. And still working on that pilot. And calling home about his greenhouse.

What is he doing here, you ask? Because it's about time that The Hollywood Farmer started living up to his oxymoronic moniker.

Actually, it's because he's desperate for work. And like the man talking to his Jewish mother on the phone in the CVS in the Palisades said, "No, Mom. If I want to work in this business, I have to be here. There are no shows in New York." (What about Ugly Betty? Cancelled, Mom. In January.)

Hello again. I'm the Hollywood Farmer. Still not sustainable after all these years.