16 October 2011

Our Man Is Down

And out.  But down and out?  As in down for the count?  Who knows.

Can't say it doesn't make sense.  Why pay for "High School Musical: China" when China likes "High School Musical" just fine? 

It only took a toe in the water out there to (re-)learn that it's not about who you know, it's about who you've known.  And the new Disney head Rick Ross has known Sean Bailey, the guy who's right now sitting in what probably should have been our man's chair, for years. 

Should've, that is, if Hollywood -- if people -- valued talent, intelligence, and experience over their old familiar relationships.   Which they don't.  And maybe can't.  And maybe for the best.   Community is not only how things happen, it's how humanity survives.  The perfect is the enemy of the done. 

I'll let (the two of) you know if I run into him up there on the hill.  It would be a good move, I think, for a lot of reasons... one of which is that people around here are the people who have known him.   But then that could also be a reason for staying as far away as ever.

UPDATE:  Our man down?  NOT SO MUCH.  He got 1.5 years severance pay/insurance plus an office for 6 months "off-campus."  Time to make his long-postponed dream-projects come true.  Or maybe just massive-money-making projects in which he gets to keep (most of) the money.  Plus some big agricultural endeavor?  Go go original Hollywood Farmer.  Let me know if you ever have any shit that needs shoveling.

UPDATE to UPDATE:  Shit?  Not so much.  Spam, maybe.  But sustainable ag needs initiatives like this too.