08 April 2010

The Deadstock Chronicles, Part I

A stray dog killed two-thirds of our chickens.

We get more eggs now.

It's a metaphor for something.

FOOTNOTE: The original Hollywood Farmer has moved (or rather, been re-located) to China. There's a new Hollywood farmer in Tinseltown. OK, in San Diego. As near as, anyway.

2 bleats:

Matthew Lickona said...

Sorry to hear about the dog. We lost two to an opossum last week - ate the guts, left the meat.

Easy there with the new Hollywood farmer talk!

Mark Thomas said...

We've caught an opossum in the coop these past two winters. The chickens had a safe place to perch. Their eggs didn't.

All guts, no meat. Wow. Maybe they only like the egg-making parts.